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Welcome to "ú¿ú Dreaming about you: Alexz Johnson ú¿ú ", one of the first unofficial sites devoted to Alexz Johnson. Don't know who Alexz is? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! LOL, Just kidding.

Alexz Johnson is a rising 14 yr. old pop singer/actress from Vancouver Canada. She also plays the curious teenager/singer/investigator of  the weird Annie Thelen on Disney's Original Series, "So Weird."

Last updated:  May 20th, 2001.  Updated Lyrics (added full version of 'Cause your watching over me') and Updated 'Adoptees' section.

Personal Note: Reason why I haven't updated lately is because of my stupid term paper and my graduation projects(juniors do the report part this year and the presentation next year). Term paper is due on the 15th, Finals are on the 15th and 16th, and Graduation report is due on the 18th so things will calm down after that:).

If you have news, articles,  pictures Lyrics, or anything else of Alexz and/or 'So Weird' let me know *G* I  will give you full credit unless you choose to remain anonymous. Let me know if some links don't work or are blocked.

Disclaimer: I do NOT know Alexz nor how to contact her personally. Please don't email me asking for Alexz's personal email, home address, aol sn(s), or phone number b/c I don't have them! Thank you! *G*.

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