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My Alexz J Message Board

To adopt Alexz, right-click on the image and save it in into the right folder. If you adopt alexz, email your page name and link then I will put you up on my page.

Alexz Johnson Screensaver!(i did not make this)

Alexz Johnson Wallpaper - right click and then pick 'set as wallpaper'

Alexz and Cara Wallpaper #2

'Annie Thelen' Wallpaper - New!

Alexz Johnson Wallpaper #3 - New!

Alexz Johnson Quiz

Interview with Jesse Haddock

'Grave Mistake' Screensaver (from SW official site).

'So Weird' Wallpaper (3rd Season) - (From SW Official Site).

Interview with Jon Cooksey and Ali Marie Matheson (exec producers of So Weird Seasons 1 and 2) - New! - New!

'Cause your watching over me'

ByByBirdy3 - Alexz's video/new episodes [Yahoo! Clubs: So Wierd Clubhouse]

In order for Alexz's video:
Panther's eye
Annie laughs (Earth 101)
Alexz walks in front of a pole singing
Annie looking in the mirror (New episode, I think where she is about to tell Molly her secret Finale)
Molly hugs Annie (PenPal)
Alexz laughing from the behind the scene- SnapShot
Alexz is standing up against a huge pole
Annie opens this door looking scared (Grave Mistake i am sure of that)
then we see a Panther (Talking Board)
Annie picks up roses and smells them and smiles (Grave Mistake)
Jack laughing with Molly "Patrick got a haircut" ('The Muse')
Close up of Alexz (from behind the scene of snapshot" way up close and black and white)
Annie singing looking down at the ground
Annie going upstairs not knowing someone/something behind her is following her (Meow)
Carey walking away happy yet shy with big green lights behind him ('The Muse')
Alexz singing sitting down on a log in front of a fire that is in a Indian village (maybe Peru "Annie's secret")
Then Annie is walking down a hall scared looking
then there is a fast clip of a moon
Then Alexz is singing Hopefully
Then Alexz from a rehearsal for So Weird looking very happy
Then Molly looking out the window sad yet in away hopeful ('The Muse')
Then Alexz singing and looking to the sky
Then we get farther and farther away from her.
This exactly what happens i taped it and i played then paused...
This song makes me sad (dont ask me why) But it does maybe because we know that So Weird is coming to an end and that many things will come out that we never expected at the end of the season. if you want that for your site please give  credit under:
SoWeird Rocks or ByByBirdy3

HerbieVW53 -Season 3 Episode List [Yahoo! Clubs: So Wierd Clubhouse]

1. Lightning Rod
2. Talking Board
3. Detention
4. Eddie's Desk
5. Voodoo
6. Banglebye
7. Rewind
8. Exit 13
9. Carnival
10. Earth 101
11. Beeing There
12. Changeling
13. Snapshot
14. Still Life
15. Grave Mistake
16. Pen Pal
17. The Muse
18. The Great Incanto
19. Meow
20. Widows Walk
21. Babel
22. Mr. Magentism
23. Gone Fishin'
24. Jack's Past
25. Annie's Song
26. The River