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Hey everyone!!! Thanks to all of you for checking out my website! I never knew I had so many fans. I will try to respond to all of you that have left messages...but life is crazzzzy busy. 

Yes, that waz me at the Universal Walk on the weekend of January 13th! I was down in L.A. to do some promo work, and had a chance to see some of the cast members of "So Weird". It was a BLAST! I even felt a small earthquake! A real L.A. welcome!!!

Got to meet with a fabulous producer, C.J. Vanstan, and am hoping I get to work with him. I have got new music management, and things are on a roll...uphill, of course!

I have a feature article coming out in Billboard Magazine, about my success on Broadband Talent, an internet site for artists around the world. This is very exciting, as all the big record labels read this magazine....and I am still looking for a recording contract!

I will be hosting a talent show in Nashville, Tennessee, in April and will also be performing a new song, I'll keep you posted!

In the mean time, I keep working on writing music with my brother Brendan, school, working out....and having fun!!

Love to all, and I'll talk to you again soon.

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( to Michael, Yahoo! Clubs: So Wierd Clubhouse).

Hi there!

 Yep, So Weird is going into syndication, so this is the last season forSo Weird, but guess what? I have a scoop for you. There is a definate green light for a So Weird Movie.....You can send stuff to me through Disney Channel. I can't give my home address, not because of you, but because ofweirdo's,,,,,you know...some people are SO WEIRD. So....the address is 3800 West Alameda Avenue Burbank California 91505.

(To Emma, Yahoo! Clubs: So Wierd Clubhouse).

Hey Emma,

You need to have an agent, and when a part comes along on So Weird, you can audition for it ... if they are looking for someone like u. That's it. My bro Matt was on the episode The Muse, and he plays Mac's muse on the show. He is an amazing actor!!!!! Disney didn't even know he was my brother!!! 

Keep watching

i emailed alexz about the 4th season and here's what she wrote back:

Hey Terri, Well, if it's true, they better let me know, if I'm to be in it.
LOL I haven't heard anything, but there is a green light for a feature film,
which is exciting, A SO WEIRD MOVIE!