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Alexz News

There were rumors flying around about Alexz doing a 'Nude Video.' A NBC News site supposedly had 'exclusive details and a picture' Don't worry ya'all, its all FAKE. Apparently, people think its funny/cute to pull this kind of stuff. *shakes head* People these days eh?

Email from Alexz's music management:

'Hi Terri
Alexz will be recording a full CD sometime this year. I would be surprized if it will be released this year but a single possibly could be released. At the very earliest it would be in the late fall. Check the web site for updated info.
Neil MacGonigill'

Thanks to my bud Ashley <> for the news she's given me on Alexz. I appreciate it :)  - please don't email her or me and ask how to personally contact Alexz.

Alexz is releasing a CD this year. She started recording in Sept. of last year. The release date and title of the first single and CD are still unknown. I'll keep you posted and put up info when it comes to me. note: The songs from SW are strictly for the show and as far as I know/have been informed, they will not be on Alexz's debut CD.

What are Alexz's plans now that 'So Weird' is done filming?

Now that So Weird is done filming, she's taking her music a lot more seriously, meaning she's working on that very hard

Does she really write songs and music like Annie did on 'So Weird'?

Yes, she does write, but whether or not anything she writes is going to be on the album is up to the producers, if she decides to record an album. Alexz says she can't say any of the title's of the songs that might be on her album, but she is recording one.


So Weird News

From HerbieVW53 and BBB3 (So Wierd Clubhouse)
Subject: Season 3 episode synoposises 

Annie's Song (originally "Vision Quest"):
While at a Native American tourist site, Annie journeys through her past in order to recall what happened to her as a child and how the black panther became her spirit guide, with the help from a shaman possessed by a coyote's spirit.

The River: (this **IS** the finale!!!)
After Ziegler from Exit 13 sends Annie a package that causes Molly and the boys to forget everything about Annie, she desperately tries to refresh their memories.

guest stars are amazing the same from past eps (annies mom, etc)

Mr. Magnetism
Annie and the gang find a kid with special powers at the local Science fair.

Gone Fishin
When Annie and the Gang go on a fishing trip there ends up being something in the river. 

(more to come)
From PShawtx (So Wierd Clubhouse)

Here is the address for So Weird productions Inc. They produced So Weird.

We could write them and ask politly to please do a So Weird movie with Cara Delizia as Fi and Alexz Johnson as Annie.

NOTE: this office maybe closed.

So Weird Productions Inc
295 W 7th Ave
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1L9
From ByByBirdy3 (So Wierd Clubhouse)

Last Eps Annie will sing in in Season 3:
'Annie's Song'(we find out Annie's secret)
'Mr. Magnetism'

Eps Clu will be in:
'Annie's Song'
'The River'

New Eps of 'So Weird':

"The Muse" 
song: - Thinkin' About Tomorrow
"The Great Incanto" 
"Mr. Magnetism" 
song: Push Me, Pull you-Annie (Alexz Johnson) 
"Gone Fishin" 
song: Different Story-Molly (Mackenzie Phillips)
"Jack’s Past"
"Annie’s Song" 
song: Cause your watching over me-Annie (Alexz Johnson)
"The River"
"Widows Walk"


Alexz on TV:
From the So Wierd Clubhouse
(let me know if any of this is in-accurate :) ).

('So Weird' is on at 4pmEST now)

May Schedule: (From the So Wierd Clubhouse)

17 - Grave Mistake
18 - Pen Pal
19 - Meow
20 - The Great Incanto
21 - The Muse
22 - Talking Board
23 - Detention
24 - The Great Incanto
25 - Eddie's Desk
26 - 28 NO EPISODES (I suppose)
29 - Voodoo
30 - The Great Incanto
31 - Meow or Widows Walk

 "The Great Incanto" -  The gang picks up a magician who wreaks havoc in their motor home. With Alexz Johnson and Mackenzie Phillips.

"Meow" - While visiting a museum of Egyptology in Cairo, Ill., the gang encounters a mummy roaming the corridors. With Alexz Johnson.

June Schedule (USA): (From the So Wierd Clubhouse)

1 - Lightning Rod
3- Detention
4 - Eddies Desk
5 - Voodoo
6 - Banglebye
7 - Rewind
8- Widows Walk *NEW*(see below)
9 - Exit 13
10 - Snapshot
11- Carnival
12- Beeing There
13 - Changeling
14 - Still Life
16 - Widows Walk
17 - Penpal
18 - The Muse
19 - The Great Incanto
20 - Meow
21 - Lightning Rod
22 - Talking Board
23 - Detention
24 - Widows Walk
25 - Voodoo
26 - Banglebye
27 - Rewind
28 - Widows Walk
29 - Babel *NEW* (see below)
30 - Exit 13

"Widow's Walk" -  Annie (Alexz Johnson) encounters an old woman who paces the widow's walk in a seaside village waiting for her husband's return. With Mackenzie Phillips.

"Babel" - Annie and Jack (Alexz Johnson, Patrick Levis) must help a dyslexic student who carries around a remnant from the Tower of Babel. Guest star: Erik von Detten

Description 2:
"Babel" - While Clu is assisting some teachers at Annie and Jack's school, they discover the new boy has an ancient cursed stone that causes people to speak nonsense.