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name: Erik Thomas von Detten
               born: October 3, 1982 in San Diego, CA
               hometown: El Segundo, CA
               currently living in: Manhatten Beach, CA
               sign: Libra
               stats: 6'1"; blond hair/hazel eyes
               nicknames: The Bear (given to him by his father); Golden Boy, Sunshine Boy, The Guy
               family: parents, Volker and Susan; older brother Tim, older sisters Britta and Dolly, younger sister: Andrea
               pets: a dog named Barcly, 11 year old Shitszu, who is his best friend, Erik found him one morning asleep on his pillow
               drives: a Jeep Wrangler
               favorite activities: Surfing, Sailing, golfing, skiing, playing the guitar, and of course acting
               trivia: Erik says he's a picky surfer and hates bad conditions

               the new haircut thing: got his hair cut because he couldn't stand the long hair anymore. it took 2 months to get the network to approve it.

 All I Want for Christmas (1991) Choir 
"Days of Our Lives" (TV soap opera) (1992 - 1993) Nicholas Alamain 
"In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride and Madness" (TV) (1994) Older John 
"In the Line of Duty: Kidnapped" (TV) (1995) Sam Honeycott 
"Escape to Witch Mountain" (TV) (1995) Danny 
"A Season of Hope" (TV) (1995) 
"Step By Step" (TV guest appearance) (1995) 
Top Dog (1995) Matthew Swanson 
Toy Story (1995) voice of Sid 
"ER" (TV guest appearance) (1996) drowning boy 
"A Stranger to Love" (TV) (1996) Justin 
"Christmas Every Day" (TV) (1996) Billy Jackson 
Amanda (1996) 
Hercules (1997) voice 
"Meego" (TV series) (1997) Trip Parker in pilot 
Leave It To Beaver (1997) Wally Cleaver 
"7th Heaven" (TV guest appearance) (1997) Kid 
You Wish" (1997) playing "Jeff Collins" in episode: "Bride and Prejudice" (episode # 1.12) 6/23/1998 
"Replacing Dad" (TV) (1998) Drew 
"Wild Thornberrys, The" (1998) playing "Adolescent Jaguar"(voice) in episode: "Temple of Eliza" (episode # 1.6) 11/17/1998 
Brink (Made for Disney Channel) (1998) Andy "Brink" Brinker 
"So Weird" (Disney Channel series) (1999) Clu 
Tarzan (1999) additional voice 
"Odd Man Out" (TV series) (1999) Andrew
Wave (2000) 
"So Weird" (TV series) (2000 -2001 ) Clu 
The Princess Diaries (2001) Josh Richter
Recess: School's Out (2001) (voice) .... Captain Brad/Lawson 

comments: Erik is poised to make it big, if he can follow up on the success of his role in Leave It To Beaver, where he plays the Beave's older brother Wally. Erik's appeared in a variety of made-for-tv movies, and a few theatrical films, but he's yet to really make it big. Perhaps his recent made-for-Disney film Brink (reviewed by Karla) will make it happen! Look for Erik to rejoin the cast of "So Weird" once again, after taking the year off to try his hand at an ABC series (that unfortunately, tanked in the ratings and was cancelled early on). The boy has talent, and he's a hottie too, isn't he?More Erik, please!

               fave TV show: "ER", "Odd Man Out", "The Norm Show"
               fave actor/actress: John Travolta and Susan Sarandon, Morgan Freeman, Jodie
               Foster, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino
               fave band: Barenaked Ladies, Bob Marley, Everclear, The Beatles
               fave colors: dark green, silver
               fave food: Chinese; burgers, cherry coke, oatmeal, sushi
               can't live without: Starbucks Carmel maciatto and Taco Tell gorditas
               fave books: Catcher in the Rye, James and the Giant Peach (his all time fave)
               fave movies: Get Shorty, Shawshank Redemption, The Matrix
               fave subject: American Lit
               shoe size: 11
               boxers or brief?: boxers all the way
               in his free time: likes to sit in cafes sipping carmel machiattos and reading books on world history. And then there's his thing for sailing on his 28 foot Islander, docked in Marina del Ray
               best childhood memory: his 3rd birthday gift, an electric bigfoot blue truck
               pet peeves: can't stand people who drive too slow; checking thousands of Christmas lights when one goes out; being out on his sailboat when there is no wind
               habits: Taco Bell/Starbucks addict; pen chewer
               a romantic getaway?: a week in the Bahamas or in Aspen
               what he likes in a girl: someone who can carry on a conversation, a girl who is mature but has those immature moments and a girl was true to herself and doesn't follow any trends
               best date ever: sunset horseback riding, thn ice cream and ice skating, and a beautiful drive up Mulholland
               things in his room: 25" TV, surround sound, 4 big stereos, mini fridge, cappuccio machine, wall to wall surfing pictures and newspapers clippings and a queen size bed

Quote: "I'm still waiting for that absolutely crazy thing to happen in my life that I'll look back when I'm an adult and be able to say to my kids 'Yeah, I did that'".

               Message to fans: "Peace, love and happiness"



name: Eric Lawrence Lively
age: July 31, 1981 in Atlanta, GA
lives in: Burbank, CA
family: brother, Jason; sisters, Robyn, Lori and Blake; his father was on "Dukes of Hazzard"
stats: 6'5"; shoe size 12
hobbies: playing guitar and piano
status: single
trivia: Eric says, of the weather in Vancouver, BC, where "So Weird" is filmed: it's always cold!


"Armed and Innocent" (TV) (1994) Sammy 
"Full House" (TV guest appearance) (1994) Jamie 
Sandman (1998) Bobby Doll 
East Ridgemont High (1999) 
American Pie (1999) Albert 
"So Weird" (1999) Carey 
Route 66 (2000) 
The Beauty Loop (2000) - won't be completed
'A Mother's Fight For Justice' (2001) Andrew Stone

comments: We know very little about this aspiring hunk, except that the 18 year old is in Rushmore and American Pie. The inside scoop is that he was the runner up for the Ryan Phillippe role in 54. Next up: Eric appears opposite Diane Ladd in Route 66, where he plays a schizophrenic kleptomaniac. 

fave movie: Breaking the Waves
fave actor: Emily Watson
fave band: Garbage and Nirvana
fave TV show: "So Weird"
fave color: a unique shade of lime green
fave food: Tony Roma's BBQ ribs

Fun Facts:

Lively was born on July 31, 1981. 
Lively is a Georgia native who grew up in Los Angeles. 
Lively has three sisters. "I grew up talking about makeup and hair I didn't have a football shoved down my throat," he says. 
Lively has a bar code tattoo on his left arm. 
Lively, a former fashion model, studied fashion photography in New York City.
Lively loves women singers such as Natalie Merchant, Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette and Lucinda Williams. 
Lively has a shih tzu named Christopher; he found the pup in a pet store on New York City's famed and eccentric Christopher Street.

Here's some information found at

Why So Weird's So Right: "I love music so much and I can play music and be on stage as Carey, with my leather pants and fans clapping for me-it's the ultimate rock star fantasy." 

Scooping His Scope: "I'm definitely a Leo, 'cause I love the spotlight. Every time I read a magazine with a horoscope, it'll say something like, 'Tomorrow you're going to trip on this street,' and it happens! Maybe it's a little self-fulfilling, but they always come true." 

*His sister Robyn starred in the children's movie "Teen Witch". 

*His brother Jason was in a Chevy Chase movie. 

*Both Robyn and Jason were recently married. 

 *His other sister Lori has done a couple of movies and stared in Sandman as Eric's sister. 

 *His dad was on "The Dukes of Hazzard", and he starred in an episode of "The Torklesons". 

*His mom is an agent for kids, not Eric's. 

 *It's been rumored that Eric was the runner up to Ryan Phillippe's role in 54 

Biographies from: YMS