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So Weird FanFiction

'Moment I lose you' - Written by Terri and Danette

'Rockerbaby: Bring Him Back' - Written by Danette and Terri.


Other fanfic Eric, Erik, Alexz, Cara, and Patrick are in (Non-So Weird)

'Truly Madly Deeply' - Soap Opera type fic. (Note: Alexz doesn't appear until later chapters, Hanson and Moffatts are in this). - Not finished. - Written by Becky and Terri.

My Little Secret - Written by Jen(note: erik doesn't appear till later chapters)

not much up yet but more will be added from time to time :) email me if you want me to host a fiction story you wrote.

rules when submitting fanfiction: explicit material or a ton of swearing
2.proofread for spelling or grammar errors
3.fiction must be 'so weird' or have one or more 'so weird' cast members in it.
4.include your name, email, rating of your story (G, PG, PG-13, R), and what type it is (so weird, non-so weird, crossover(so weird and another show) ).
5.if your story is non-so weird, please tell me which cast member(s) are in it and when they appear in the story.
6.if your story is a crossover, please tell which show you combined with 'so weird'
7.if your story is REALLY long, please send it in multiple emails or as an attachment

email your stories to: